The Nitty Gritty!

I've been a designer for a very long time & my terms are not really about me, they are about you. I know how hard I'll work for you waaaaay late into the night & how much time I'll spend answering every question you ask. I'm open, friendly & exceptionally honest - I expect you to be the same.

Terms & Conditions 2019

Starting Point

I spend hours advising folks via facebook, email & phone. Further hours are spent on various no-obligation quotes only to discover a budget was never in place *eek* - so I wont be doing that anymore & any quote you don't agree in 30days becomes void (I'm not even sorry 'bout that)


All print work must be paid in full before release. Web projects under £500 must be paid upfront.


Projects over £500 are 50% advance, 25% interim & balance (inc any additional fees) due prior to launch. Projects are subject to a twelve week deadline & clients must supply all required (& desired) content within this time frame. Where content is not supplied within twelve weeks, the project will be considered stagnant & the outstanding balance will be due within seven days. Any further work will be subject to renegotiation.


I'll advise you of the most cost effective solution for your business (even if it's not me). All selling projects are quoted based on the original website requirement & initial number of products. I'll willingly undertake simple text changes or image swaps FOC, but charge for adding new products.


Consultancy is not free advice. I advise all potential clients of professional, cost effective methods to achieve the goals for their project - however fair usage applies. Where it becomes evident your project has no intention of progressing beyond the free advice stage, I will unceremoniously redirect you to Google.


I provide a no-obligation proposal which represents your project brief & outlines all associated fees & any additional terms or conditions where relevant. Deadlines under twelve weeks are only provided where you agree in writing your original brief will not expand or deviate beyond your original requirement.


Where you instruct me to progress beyond your no-obligation project proposal I will provide you with a quote bespoke to your project & based upon it's requirements.


Having agreed to proceed by any means that instructs me to undertake your project, you have agreed to pay me for all work undertaken on your project & accept all of the above & following terms.


Payment is required before work commences with any additional balance incurred (see development below) due upon completion & prior to public release of any work (or elements of). Accepted payment is personal bank transfer (not BACS) or via PayPal. Any & all transaction fees will be paid by you & international clients are required to absorb currency conversion fees.


If during the build of your website you decide to halt progress for any reason, a kill fee representing 75% of the outstanding project balance applies. Where any project presents clear deviation from the original brief beyond reasonable description or is suspended due to refusal to respond or reply, delaying or avoidance to supply required material or any other defaulting action which stalls or halts project progress, the project kill fee will represent 100% of the outstanding balance.

Creative Rights

During development you will be required to proof elements via private server. You are forbidden to use, share, distribute or reproduce in part or full any of these elements by any media whatsoever. All elements remain my intellectual property under the license as set out at the bottom of the page & remain copyright to S.McCombie. You may use the project only within our agreed brief, terms & formats in addition to any advertising of the project you have commissioned. You may not re-sell or re-distribute design elements in full or in part, modify, manipulate, alter or claim as your own (or any others) work.

Project Release

You will have had access to view your project during development (web projects) or multiple proofs (print projects). Sign-off is where you pay any outstanding fee & I release my work to you for use under our agreed terms. Where web projects are remotely hosted, transfer of files (goLive) will begin once all due fees are cleared. All print work must be paid in full prior to digital delivery.

Tweaks 'v' Maintenance

These are two different things. Tweaks are a few minutes editing existing text or swapping (not editing) a few images & fair usage applies. Tweaks do not cover new logos, logo redraws, website layout changes, adding or editing new images, adding products or creating new website pages or forms. Maintenance is where you regularly ask me to update or add new items beyond fair usage, & I charge for that at £35.00 per hour.


Where you supply me with photographs, design elements or images I assume you have permission to do so. You are liable for any resulting legal costs if you do not have the correct permissions from the originating author. Learn more about this at IPO.GOV.UK

My Work

You do not own any or any part of any work I create for you, irrespective of it's inclusion in your project unless you have purchased sole rights. You are purchasing the right to use my work within our agreed purpose - see CCA Non Commercial-NoDer4.0 International License. All infringements will be liable to prosecution.


I agree to undertake all front loaded projects based on the first brief given, proposal sent, agreement of that proposal, payment terms, development, creative rights, project release & copyright requirements as outlined above. Where any client deviates from these stages of agreement & work has been undertaken I will suspend the project for a maximum of seven days. Where it becomes clear a client is delaying information in order to delay payment, & where clear effort is shown on my part to complete, I will withhold all work undertaken for a maximum of fourteen days. Following, & where no further agreement is reached, the project is deemed complete & any outstanding balance due (including any additional fees accrued). Any further work on the project will be renegotiated under the terms set out above. Any unpaid (part or full) projects will become available for resale in order to make good loss of outstanding payment.

Please contact me with any questions!