Well. How nice!

Hello :) Im a freelance web & graphic designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Late 19-oatcake I discovered a fabby devil in a box called "the-com-pu-ter" & became a self taught design nerd. After two decades of industry experience & first class BSc (Hons), I combine freelance design, photography & lecturing.

I make stuff simple

I'll explain the tricky bits you need to know & just crack on with the rest.

  • image of logo development

Stuff I do

Anything you can chuck a digitally designed cherry at for web & print.

  • Bespoke logo development
  • Complete website solutions
  • - including ecommerce
  • All business stationary +
  • Folders, flyers & posters
  • Trade banners, stand displays
  • Photography & image editing
  • Domains, hosting & email setup

Stuff I dont do

Technically, I could do but wont do so dont ask if I do do or not. You see?

  • Speculative work
  • Remove copyrights
  • Build databases *shudder*

The taDah! bit

A good 'ol rummage through my 'folio should give you insight into my skills. All my work is bespoke from concept to completion & I'm as passionate about your project as you are.

The payment bit

I work to any reasonable budget & feasible deadline which means I need to know both of yours. Wiggle room is available (fair usage applies) but just like you, I don't work for free.

The exciting bit

Bespoke projects should create a fluttery, excited childish joy, not hair-tearing trauma. Its easy to get started with just a few ideas. You tell me yours & I'll show you mine.

The timescale & deadlines bit

By juggling several projects at a time, I keep things more cost effective. I won't take on more than I can throw snazzy sprinkles into but there will be days where you'll have to share me with others. This doesn't mean I love you less.

You can email or facebook me about your brief & it's awffy nice to meet you.