What does it cost?

Everything I do is bespoke & every project is quoted by scale & complexity. Bigger, more complex projects cost more than smaller, less complex ones.
I can't make my hour any longer than yours, but I promise to pack mine tight with delight to deliver snazzy, unique details for your project, big or small.

Website design

Absotootly everything you need to stand out online from £485

  • Domain registration
  • Lifetime web hosting
  • Online selling solutions
  • Email setup & forwarding
  • Bespoke logo development
  • - inc print & media versions
  • Snazzy custom email forms
  • Social media linked branding
  • Content editing & writing
  • Image sourcing & editing
  • Photography if yer local!

Print design

High resolution work for business stationary, banners & marketing

  • Logo redraw from £70
  • Logo development £240
  • - includes social media versions
  • Bizcards, comps & letterheads
  • - includes spot varnish setup
  • Flyers, folders & banners
  • Feathers, rollups, displays
  • - you get my discount
  • - you pay them direct
  • & I'll even deliver if yer local!

Other design

Additional work to an original brief is invoiced for additional time.

  • If I've created your website simple text updates are free.
  • If I've designed your logo, minor changes are free.
  • & if you ask me for more work, I'll ask you for more pennies!
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  • Full terms & conditions (T&C's)
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You might already have a clear idea of what you need, or you might not but it all starts with a natter. Advice offered is based on experienced best practice, future proofing or a more cost effective solution to your project requirements - not increasing your budget (or my workload!)


Asking for speculative work both devalues my skills & insults your project. Its ok to decide I'm not the designer for you, likewise I'll happily decline unsuitable projects. Good design is a fluid, creative swirl of ideas, concepts, skills & joy we both deserve to feel uplifted by.

A quick word

Design is my profession & I'm inherently passionate about what I do (ok, I'm a nerd). I'll always deliver work beyond your budget at no additional cost, but wont spend hours on the phone where a concise, directive email will do. I'm dyslexic (many creatives are) plus my memory is shocking. Firing me an email with additional ideas, changes or questions is more productive than asking me to email you my thoughts following a long conversation. Seriously, just ask my mum.